In our first reading, from EX 20:1-17, we are given the Decalogue, the Ten Commandments inviting us to obey God’s commands. It also reveals God to us as loving and compassionate. When we act against the commandments of God, we segregate and isolate ourselves from his love, and so find ourselves in need of restoring our relationship and love for him. When we think of these commandments we may think of a list of “you shall not” but this is not merely a list of “no’s”.  It is in fact, more about one profound “Yes” to God. He invites us to worship Him with all our hearts. When you say Yes to God then you will automatically be saying no to all things prohibited in the Ten Commandments.


We are reminded of God’s commandment, summarized in the love of God and of neighbor. God desires that we live by his message of love to remain united with Him.  Which of these Ten Commandments do I struggle living it?

In John 2: 13-25, Jesus had righteous anger towards those taking advantage of people through dishonest exchange of goods and unjust prices. In addition, Jesus does not tolerate those who disrespect the place of worship designated by God.  He also uses the situation to teach something profound about Himself and His mission. In saying, destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up. The action of the money changers with money was a sign of disobedience to the first commandment, where money seemed higher than God. This is because no one can serve both God and money at the same time.

The purification of the temple in the Gospel is like replacing the old temple with the new temple of the love of Christ. We are the new temple in Christ but we often need purification from all that hinders our union and relationship with God. Jesus Christ cleanses the temple of our hearts each day. In Const #21, “The Spirit dwelling within us gradually transforms us, enabling us through his power to remove whatever hinders His action….” Let us invite him that he may cleanse us from all that is not worthy of him as we reflect on these questions:

Are there moments we find ourselves overwhelmed with the anxieties of life?

How are our inner temples?

Are there things that are hindering my true worship of God in my life/our lives?

What is this in me I invite Jesus to come and scatter away?

May we during this Lenten period strive to live in love and respect for God and neighbor. May the Holy Spirit all that may hinder his love from flowing through us as we retrace, relive and renew our relationship with God according to His commandment of love.

Sr. Irene Mmbaya, RSCJ and Sr. Ribinbella Musina, RSCJ