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Who we are?

The Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is an international congregation of women in the Catholic Church. The Society was founded in 1800 by Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat Ina France. Through our presence on five continents, we embrace different cultures and traditions as we serve with a common mission of manifesting God’s love and sharing it with others. This global perspective enables us to adapt and respond to the unique needs of each community we serve, fostering a sense of unity amidst diversity.  Our international presence allows us to learn from different cultures and adapt our approach to better connect with people from various backgrounds. By embracing this diversity, we are able to reach a wider audience through our mission of education.  This path of internationality is a challenge and an opportunity to incarnate the love of Jesus in many ways and with many faces.

Our RSCJ community is spread out across various locations in Uganda and Kenya, living in diverse community configurations. Despite our differences, we are united in our shared goal of spreading God’s love to the many people we encounter in our ministries.

Where We Are

The Society of the Sacred Heart is now present in 41 countries around the world.