Contemplative prayer is at the heart of our way of life as it allows us to connect with our inner selves.

As Religious of the Sacred Heart, we are called to be contemplative in spirit. We are contemplatives in action and rooted in prayer. Prayer is at the very center of our lives.

Our mission is to discover and reveal the love of God, and this is realised through our spirituality which is grounded in love and contemplation. Whether engaged in prayer, ministry, or our daily lives, our contemplative outlook is an essential part of our being.

Prayer and Interior Life: Our life is centered on contemplative prayer.

#17. "The spirit of the Society is essentially based upon prayer and the interior life...."

Prayer is essential for the spiritual growth of individuals and the Society as a whole. It allows us to open our hearts to God and to one another, and it is through this prayer that we receive the graces needed to serve others and to build a more just and equitable world. Through prayer and interior life the Society fosters a greater sense of unity and harmony within its members.