Our common mission is: To discover and make known the love of the heart of Jesus.

 We are called to spread Christ’s  good news of love, to share the truth of God’s love and mercy, and to show others how to live in obedience to His commands. This mission is our common goal and should inspire us to work together in unity as one body.

DRC-Chad Provincial Visit

The visit of the sisters from the Democratic Republic of Congo-Chad Provincial.

This visit was a great success and the delegation left with many fond memories. The visit was part of the arrangements intended to consolidate the two Provinces in Africa (Uganda- Kenya and Congo Chad ProvinceS) and to promote dialogue and mutual understanding between the two Provinces. It was also an opportunity for the Congo-Chad Provincial Council and Provincial Bursar to learn more about the Uganda and Kenya cultures and to build relationships between the two Provinces.

Provincial Chapter
 Uganda Kenya Provincial Chapter 2023 from 29th to 30th December 2023

Our encounter with God to carry out His Will is the only thing that counts to us in discernment.

Ruth's Vows ceremony
First profession of novice Nakiganda Ruth: On 2nd January 2024 at Mbikko Novitiate, Uganda - Kenya Province.
First profession of Sr. Nakiganda Ruth at Sacred Heart Novitiate, Mbikko, Lugazi Diocese, Uganda.

We answer His call to discover and reveal His love letting ourselves be transformed by His Spirit so as to live united and conformed to Him, and through our love and service to radiate the very love of His Heart (Const. # 4)



Is the season to change course and return to the Lord. The ashes placed on our heads invite us to rediscover the secret of life. Pope Frances tells us that, The ashes remind us that if we continue to conceal our hearts and hide ourselves behind a mask in order to appear invincible, we will be empty and arid on the inside. When, on the other hand, we have the bravery to lower our heads and look within, we shall find the presence of God, who loves us and always has. Finally, when the defence we create around ourselves are shattered, we can feel cherished by the one who created us and inviting us to return back to Him.

Honoured Her Achievements
Margie was honoured with a Diamond Jubilee Medal for her outstanding service. God is satisfied with your work and we are happy with all that you did.