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An award to sister Margaret Conroy

An award to sister Margaret Conroy

A Diamond Jubilee Medal awarded to sister Margaret Conroy (Posthumous) by H.E. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni during the International Women’s Day celebrations.
On 8th March 2024, sister Anamaria Nankusu the Provincial of Uganda-Kenya Province went to Katakwi district to celebrate the International Women’s Day. During this celebration, she received sister Margaret Conroy’s (Posthumous) Diamond Jubilee Medal given by H.E. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of the republic of Uganda

The Republic of Uganda awarded sister Margaret Conroy (Posthumous) a Diamond Jubilee Medal by H.E. The President of the Republic of Uganda during the International Women’s Day celebrations. This Diamond Jubilee Medal was awarded to her in recognition of her outstanding service and loyalty to the country. Sr. Margaret Served in Uganda for 52 (fifty-two years) from August 1971 to January 2014. Throughout her pastoral and education career, she inspired and nurtured many people, especially the youth, and worked with the poor and marginalized. At a time when education for girls was unvalued in Karamoja, she was passionate and compassionate about the education of a girl child. As an educator and administrator, she exhibited commitment in all that she did. She was a teacher, a mother, and a mentor and she instilled Christian values and discipline in the students, and this enabled the students to become influential leaders, critical thinkers, and women of integrity who are serving the country with honesty and integrity.

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