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He Is Not Here, He Has Risen As He Said

Christ Has Risen, He Is Not Here, He Has Risen As He Said. As we enter into this Easter season, we are invited to take a closer look at these parts of our bodies in memory of the risen Christ.

The EYE, the HEART, and the MOUTH

The EYE:

The resurrection of Jesus is an extraordinary event that requires special eyes to understand. The eye enables us to see and perceive the wonders of God’s creation, including the beauty of resurrection. Love is the eye. It is the key to understanding Easter, as it transforms us into heroes and enables us to conduct ourselves like Jesus. Without love, we may not observe Christ’s resurrection and may behave like high priests who concocted a story that Jesus was stolen from the tomb. With love in our hearts, we can see the truth and rejoice with our brothers and sisters in the news of Christ’s resurrection. With love, we can be able to recognise the resurrection as a divine event that opens our eyes to see and carry each other with love.


The heart is the tomb where Jesus is buried. Without love in our hearts, we bury Christ in our hearts and prevent Him from rising. We bury Christ in our hearts with all kinds of vices like the high priests who made the tomb secure by putting a seal on the stone and posting the guard to keep Jesus inside the tomb. When we keep Him dead in our Hearts, we are unable to experience His transformative power. We become disconnected from the essence of his message of compassion, and instead, become trapped in our own ego and selfish desires. Burying Christ in our hearts not only prevents His love from flourishing within us but also hinders our spiritual growth and connection with Him. May our hearts be places that nurture life.


In Mt. 28:5-6 The Angel told the women, “Don’t be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here for he has risen as he said”. The angel delivered the joyful news of Jesus’ resurrection to the women. We no longer need God’s Angel anymore to speak to us. God speaks to us through those around us. Our mouths are to sing Alleluia and proclaim the Good News by our very lives. When God speaks through us, there is a deeper connection with the divine. As angels of God, we are vessels of God’s love. We are to see with eyes full of compassion and allow God to speak through us and make us true instruments of His grace and bearers of His light in the world. May our mouths carry out our responsibility to share the good news and spread the message of hope and redemption.  

As we celebrate this Easter;

  • May His teachings guide us to live with love. Love is the eye; If we have love we shall be able to understand the true meaning of Easter.
  • May His teachings increase faith in our hearts and set others free. The heart is the tomb; if we carry death in our hearts, there is no Easter.
  • May His teachings grant us the power to proclaim His resurrection. The mouth is an angel; let our mouths be the mouths of God that proclaim Alleluia, bring good news to others, console them, give them hope, and touch their hearts.

Anamaria Nankusu, RSCJ

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