Most Beautiful, Mater Admirabilis

The image of Mater Admilabilis depicts a mother who is so inspiring by just having a glance at the image. We always find ourselves attracted to look at her from time to time. What a mother so serene, calm, and gracious!!! She is indeed teaching us to create space in our hearts, ponder God’s message and let it sink into our hearts.

Mother, who is so gentle, and faithful to God’s plan of salvation, teach us to trust and have faith in your son Jesus Christ and our creator. May you draw us to your contemplative and active life. May your contemplative attitude permeates our whole being, helping us to live evermore united to Christ in our relationships, our tasks, and our ministry. In welcoming God’s word, Mary gave Christ to the world. In receiving the life of Jesus, we give ourselves to others, so that all may have life in Christ.

Oh! Mother most admirable, we ask you to intercede for us in our life of desiring to continue in the salvation plan of God.

               By Cellina Komweru and Veneranda Nabisenke.