Jesus Christ; King And Saviour

At the end of each liturgical year, the Church invites us to celebrate the Solemnity of Jesus Christ the universal King to mark the end of the liturgical year. This feast reminds us of the great truth that Christ the King is in charge of our lives. He invites us to allow Him to rule and take control over our bodies, mind, thoughts, heart, and will.

Prestige, glamour, magnificence, and power, mark the existence of earthly royalty. Kings are treated as gods and considered to be the source of blessings, power, and glory. That is not what we are celebrating today. That is not what elevated Christ to his throne. His Kingship is not recognizable for those who expect power and glory. Today’s feast is a feast of the king who takes the trail of downward mobility and is characterised by poverty, humility, and rejection. We are not surprised when He asked in Luke 23. “Are you not the Christ? Save yourself and us as well.” Christ our King chose to be humble, gentle, loving, forgiving, merciful and sacrificing in order to share his reign with us all. He wants to teach us that his Kingship is not about being recognized. For he came to serve and to teach us how to serve others in the truthfulness of our hearts.

In today’s second reading. St. Paul reminds us that we share in the inheritance of the Kingdom of God through Christ our King who offers all for the sake of the human race. Let us ask ourselves these questions:

  • How does Christ want to serve?
  • Does our life reflect Christ’s servant leadership?
  • Do we genuinely serve others?
  • Are we ready to work with Christ the King as good servants and stewards?

Let us pray that Christ our teacher and King may teach us how to love and serve our brothers and sisters with a free and joyful heart.

By Susan Nankya RSCJ and Maria Gorreth Nabulya RSCJ