Sisters:- Francisca Gyaviira Nakagera, Cellina Komweru, and Veneranda Nabisenke made their first profession on the 29th December 2022.

On the same day, Sisters:- Rosemary Akhwiyanga and Josephine Mbayira celebrated their Silver Jubilee.

They are affectionately sorounded by the novice and the postulants.

Vocation news

    On 6th September 2022, just after arriving at Mbikko Stuart community, the five of us; Juliah Gathoni Kagwi, Gloria Fortunate Ajwang, Maria Leaticia Najjuma, Vivian Balibawa, and Ruth … Read more


To live the charism of discovering and making known the love of God, and to reveal it to the world requires a formation that is at once strong, dynamic and continuous.
This formation takes place in the light of faith, and it is rooted in our everyday experience, and carried on through a network of relationships.( const. 70).

Community is the principal place of our formation insofar as we experience support and challenge to grow both as persons and as religious of the Sacred Heart. (const.71)

Our formation is a life-long process that is lived out in our commitment to mission and service.

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Vocations team

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I am Sr. Teresa Aura from Kenya.  My call and desire to be a Religious began as a young child. When I was ten, I applied to a religious order who invited me to visit them but as I was too young to travel on my own, my parents did not allow me to go. In my last year of Secondary School, I wrote to another congregation and was invited to a “Come and See workshop”. I asked to join them immediately but to my disappointment, I was advised to continue with my studies; I went back to school.

Years later, as a young woman working, I still felt something was missing in my life.  I shared my dream of wanting to be areligious with my cousin, who encouraged me and gave me a pamphlet of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I wrote to the vocation promoter who invited me to visit them. I was very much attracted to the way the sisters shared the gospel during their community prayer.  I felt this was the place where I wanted to be for the rest of my life.  I applied and was accepted to join the congregation and began my formation.  I made first vows in 2000 and final profession in 2008.

As a Religious of the Sacred Heart, I have worked in the finance office of a girls’ secondary school where I had many opportunities to share life not only with the students but also with the staff and parents.  I have worked on the Provincial Council, I have been involved in formation work with Postulants and Aspirants, young women who are searching for the will of God in their lives. I am very happy and grateful to belong to the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, learning each day to discover God’s love and make it known to others!



I am Sister Joan Isichi. The journey of my calling to Religious life began fifteen years ago while I was living with some Catholic relatives who were very committed to prayer and serving God. This kind of life made me yearn for a prayerful life, a life totally given to God.

I shared this desire with them and they gave me a directory of different Religious congregations. As I was going through the directory, the name “Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus” touched me, especially the word Heart. I was convinced that everything the sisters did and said came from the heart. I decided to join them so that I could learn how to be a heart-centered person doing and saying things from the heart.

I was invited for a “Come and See” weekend and I felt very much at home with the welcome, the prayer, the community life and the simplicity of the sisters. Deep within my heart, I was confident that the Lord had chosen me and I wanted to join the sisters immediately!

When I became a postulant in 2005, the Lord continued to reveal himself to me through the sisters I lived with, my co-workers and the children I served. It was such a beautiful experience to teach young children. I liked their eagerness to learn and besides their regular subjects, I enjoyed teaching them songs and poems.

When I began serving in a secondary school, my life was beyond teaching. I felt touching Jesus in the poor and the emotionally disturbed students as I listened to them. I also visited, listened and shared with prisoners as they shared their stories.

Now I have been invited to accompany young people who feel called to religious life. I am very aware that God is the One who is working in all of us!



I am Sr. Pricillian Nyirampamira Kampame. I felt called to religious life the first time I saw Sisters in my parish. At home we a strong devotion to the Sacred Heart, and whenever I prayed, I longed to know a religious order named after the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Surprisingly, I heard about the Religious of the Sacred Heart when I was in secondary school and I started writing to them. I was extremely happy when they responded to my letters and I kept in touch with them.  During my second year at a Teacher Training College, three of the Sisters visited me at home which strengthened my relationship with them.  After completing college, I entered the society and made my first profession in 1994 and final profession in 2003.

I am a teacher and I have been involved in teaching and school administration work and now I work with the novices in our formation house in Mbikko, Lugazi Diocese.

During my leisure time, I love creative art, sewing and crocheting. I do yoga and listen to and sing religious songs. I love flowers and now, in the formation house, I have developed an interest in planting and transplanting flowers to make our environment more beautiful.

I thank God who continues to accompany me on this journey of faith.