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We answer His call to discover and reveal His love... (Const. # 4)

Naliganda Ruth made her first profession in the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at Mbikko Novitiates House, Lugazi Diocese, Uganda.                                                                                The decision to enter a religious life demonstrates our deep commitment to fulfilling the will of God and the power of our faith. Our journey of discernment is an unfolding of our spiritual blooming, a blossoming of our divine purpose inside us, similar to the growth of a tree from a seed.

We answer His call to discover and reveal His love letting ourselves be transformed by His Spirit so as to live united and conformed to Him, and through our love and service to radiate the very love of His Heart (Const. # 4)


“Have you ever thought about joining the Society of the Sacred Heart? It’s a wonderful vocation worth exploring!”

Are you ready to answer a call to join the Society of the Sacred Heart? This is your chance to make a significant difference in the world as you share your passion. Come and let’s explore this incredible opportunity together and discover how you can create a lasting impact on the world around us.

 Our life is filled with faith and risk, as we rely on God’s faithfulness and the support of our sisters. We believe that our vocation to the Society of the Sacred Heart is not just a personal endeavour, but a calling to be part of a community that shares the same mission and values. In this journey, we embrace the uncertainty and challenges that come with living a life dedicated to God and serving others. We find strength and encouragement in the bond we have with each other, as we navigate the ups and downs of our vocation together. Our faith and the support of our sisters sustain us and give us the courage to continue on this path, knowing that God is always with us.