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Bake it up, spice it up, in a consoling word

Ring it up in a soothing tone, beside my sick bed today

Give me my piece of heaven now and tone down that pain

A slice of heaven each little time with me

Give me a piece of heaven now,

Coin it up in that word of life, a pregnant promise of life

Paint it up on that assuring smile on your face and I shrive

Rain it down with that laughter that warms my weighted heart

Serve it close in that touch, from that chair beside my bed.

Give me a piece of heaven now,

Write it up in those beautiful strength lines on the sparkly card

To buoy my spirit up and help me fly over imaginary mountains

Scribble those lines that promise me a tomorrow fading away

Those lines floating off the page to support me into life

Give me a piece of heaven now,

Say a small prayer that anchors my courage and hope

Relieve my guardian angel of a surveillance long and weary

Call on heaven for more keepers, caring hearts to surround me

Oh, give me a piece of heaven now.

Solome Najjuka, RSCJ