Why a call for baking at ST. Charles  Lwanga Kalungu GTC

Breakfast is always sweet when you have something to accompany your tea.

It is a chilling a snack.

We all love these things that come out of this room.


What do you think  this room is?

A bakery! Where we get half cakes and mandazi that accompany our tea,

bagia and daddies that are used as snacks

as well as cakes that are used on ceremonies

especially weddings and birthdays and anniversaries.


What can we say, how good the profits of bakery products are?

We not making losses at all.

Besides the profits, our  talents have been developed. We are not at loss

God bless our gains

We are very grateful.

Who knows our tomorrow that we might be the princesses and queens of baking?

Really baking is the best of any learning skills that we love most among other skills

KGTC will always remain KGTC, with it wholistic education. Bravo!!


Complied by: Harriet, Anita,  Alvina, Everlyn, Caroline, Harriet

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