Vocation story

Each person has an experience that led her to give her life completely to God. It is a deep experience which is sometimes beyond explanation. A vocation is a gift from God. A gift for ones journey for life and others. Our vocation life springs from the depth of our being where God dwells and leads us to himself.  After my studies a nun asked me “Have you ever thought of becoming a nun?”  I replied, “I cannot become a religious nun”. For her, she had a deep desire. She heard that inner voice speaking to her. I said to her. You can make a good sister. On her way home, the words kept on ringing in her mind.  She could not get over them. Three years later she went to a convent and asked to be admitted. The truth here is that when God calls, his voice continues to beckon on us and the voice brings a restlessness in the individual’s life. St. Augustine once said. “You have made us for yourself Oh God, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you”.

   God calls each one of us each day to have a personal encounter with him. How do I respond? Are you still running away?  Take your time and discern, for God is waiting for your response. After my college as a Montessori teacher, I talked to my grandmother about my desire to join religious life. She discouraged me but I did not give up. In a family meeting, I expressed my yearning to become a religious nun and my father accepted and blessed me. This brought deep joy within me, for I wanted to serve God and be close to him. Living as an RSCJ, I have encountered God in my daily living. He is so close that I always look forward for opportunities He chooses to reveal himself to me in my daily interactions.  I have discovered that the voice I heard before I entered, still comes but now in a new way and this time to do everything with love. I pray with love, talk with love, serve with love, live with love.  Love is my hallmark. I am not saying that I do not face challenges in my life. When I experience challenges in my life, they led me to the heart of Jesus. I take all my concerns to Jesus in prayer. Community living too has enabled me to have this deep experience of Christ. I have discovered that Community is for Mission. I am so grateful to all rscjs and the people of God, who have walked this journey with me. Keep the fire burning inside you and listen to your inner voice each day.

 Sr. Joan I Sichi rscj

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