Being asked to be members of the Steering Committee in preparation for the Provincial Assembly of 2020 was surprising since three of us had just finished being members of the Steering Committee for the 2019 Assembly. We wondered how we could prepare for another Assembly that was going to happen in early May 2020!  However, this was a great opportunity to serve the Province and a chance to prepare well for the Chapter.  Fortunately, because of the COVI-19 pandemic, the Assembly had to be moved to December, which was a great relief. The Steering Committee involved the whole Province in reading through the material, one step at a time and gave tasks which helped each member to really study the documents.  The committee was delighted with the input of communities even though it was time consuming to summarize the responses. In the month before the Assembly began, we met by zoom in our Home Groups.

It was not clear as to whether the Open Assembly was to be in one place or two i.e. all gather at ARU in Uganda or sister in Kenya gather at Demese while those in Uganda at ARU. At the last minute, the plans had to change and we ended up having a zoom Open Assembly. We began practicing voting for delegates and also the joining working groups. The practices were frustrating because many members had difficulty with the process and even connecting to the internet. In the end, the Open Aseembly went on well, the voting turned out to be a very great success and the Home Groups and Consensus Groups were able to connect with all their members. We are very grateful and energized by the outcome of the Open Assembly and proud of the document we sent to Rome.



  1. Our Open Assembly was a very special one for all in UGKP. Almost all the RSCJ attended it .I learnt to be open with everybody.
    Thank you and God bless all members in the Society , especially those who prepared it.


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