Third Sunday of Advent 2022

Announcing the Dawn

This is a joyful Sunday in the middle of our sober Advent.

In our Christian vocation there is a call to encourage one another, to empower one another with the courage of our convictions. Such courage cannot be called forth by words alone. Only lives give weight to our words. 

Our encouragement will be as real as the courage it takes to look for signs of the dawn in our dark times. We begin to see when we want to believe, desire to respond.

We who sometimes prefer the darkness that we know to the light in which we are known, must be  willing to proclaim the radiance of love which sometimes seeps through the cracks of our comfortable lives..

We must celebrate the shining quality of lives of beauty and love. In the fatigue of our day-to-day lives, there are moments of holiness.

Let us rejoice and be glad for the Lord is coming!!! 


Paulina Lopez Ridruejo RSCJ

3 thoughts on “Third Sunday of Advent 2022”

  1. Dear Paulina,
    Thank you very much fot your Reflection. I love it it speaks to my heart and helps me to really prepaire for the Lord’s coming. Love, Ursula.

  2. Dear Paulina,

    Thank you for your reflection On Gaudete Sunday. It was very inspiring for these dark times we are in, for sure. A big thank you! Wish I had remembered to thank earlier. Love, Margie


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