Third Sunday of Advent

The crowds asked John the Baptist, “What should we do?”

Luke 3:10-18:

Then what shall we do? is the question to ask ourselves on this Sunday as we come towards the end of this season. The focus could be on an individual and the bigger society like community, an organization, a family, country, and the whole world.

What can I/we do to bring peace to the family? As a world, we are still suffering from COVID-19 Pandemic effects and other countries are still in lockdown, students are still at home waiting in Hope. We need to sing and shout for joy since we are still alive and we know God has a plan for each one of us as Jeremiah says 29:11 “Yahweh says I know what good plans I have in mind for you”

John the Baptist encourages us to play our role in all situations of life through sharing. Similarly, we each has a role to pray in the salvation mystery. To share the little we have, what we have received from God with those in need maybe food, clothing, time to listen to those who want to share out their feelings. Some have lost dear ones due to covid, bomb blasts among others. A minute with a person can change his/her life completely, and when we come to Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It will be great and we shall be singing Hosanna together and with Joy.

The third Sunday of advent is also referred to as Gaudete Sunday meaning rejoice. On this Sunday Paul is inviting us to rejoice in the Lord always. This is a call to discipleship, and a call to joyfully be centered on the needs of those around us, and do what we can to help them and bring joy to them. Sophie in one of her writing invites us to be humble, be simple and bring joy to others. We have a reason to bring joy to others and rejoice our salvation is at hand. May we find the meaning for rejoicing as our Lord is near.

Hilda Ayebazibwe

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  1. Thank you Ayebazibwe for the inspiring reflection…. Indeed we have a reason to bring joy to others. May Sophie teach us the way! Happy third week of advent.


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