The Best And Longest Things In Life Always Go Through Fire

Madeleine Sophie Barat was born into the Barat Family out of fire.  Born into the Society of the Sacred Heart with brightly inner flames of fire and born into Eternity flames of love.

If I could explain the happiness of a soul which hands herself over totally to the Holy Spirit! If I could say what happens to her…! If I could paint her happiness! It is no longer she who works, it is God because she comes and goes only by the inspiration of the Spirit… everything is easy for her… She no longer encounters obstacles. The Spirit takes hold of this person, she is his, and he unites her into himself. The person to whom I am speaking finds the secret of penetrating hearts. As it is not she who works, she does not look at herself, she does not know the good she does, or rather, her one desire is to follow the impulse of the Spirit and obey the Spirit in everything.

Sophie encourages us to only put our soul in contact with Christ and there is nothing that we cannot become and do. We should pray in any way that we find easiest, , and most reasonable, which means, based on faith and on a realization of our nothingness before God. The way we want to pray, the way we like to pray, is the way we should pray. So pray in any way that puts you in contact with God. Careful preparation is what God wants; what he does with us in prayer is his affair… And the heights are not reached until we have attained union.

Sophie invites us to be in peace about the state of our soul and our manner of prayer. Only love and do what pleases him. The essential thing, the proof of true love, is forgetfulness of oneself and one’s own interests, to think only of the one loved… So what difference does it make how we pray, provided that our heart is seeking the one we love?


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