Sharing as a way of being in solidarity with the vulnerable.

Every week here at the novitiate community, Mbikko, Uganda, the novices do pastoral work in the nearby villages once a week.  They go out to share food and other items with the vulnerable members of the community such as the elderly and help in the cleaning of their homes.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on vulnerable people. It has left them with no close relative or neighbout to help them as there is alot of fear about how covid spreads. They have run shortage of food and many have lost their jobs due to lockdown. We painfully see them helpless and in order to be in solidarity with them, our novitiate community strives to share a few things with them, and this has helped to put a smile on their faces.

We are very much in touch with the old and physically challenged persons who sometimes cannot afford to have one meal a day. Being in constant connection with them had helped us to reflect deeply that; we do not need to be rich or have deep pockets in order to help the needy. Our visits, sharing, and being part of them has helped us to build strong relationships with them as we pray with them in their homes, talk and listen to them and also encourage them to be firm in their faith. In our visits, we try to ensure that they are in a clean environment within their small houses and the limited space that they have around them.    


  Margret Khaemba and Cellina Komweru.

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  1. Very true, presence itself is a gift we can offer to others and it is life-giving.
    Thank you so much noviceship community for manifesting and revealing the love of God to his people. You are blessed!


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