Sacred Heart of Jesus and Saints Peter and Paul at Kangole Girls Secondary School

We celebrated the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the school feast day (Saints Peter and Paul) were simultaneously celebrated and in reunion with the old girls who are now our role models. Smartly dressed in their former school uniforms, they emerged through the gates of Kangole SSS while proudly singing songs of praise happy to be in their school once again.

As the culture of the school, the ceremony began with the Eucharistic celebration that was led by His Lordship, Bishop.His Lordship, Bishop

  Damiano Guzzetti, Bishop of Moroto Diocese. His preaching inspired us in the most magnificent way ever. He related his preaching to a girl who went to a shop to buy things. unfortunately, they were too expensive. As she went out, she realized that she could buy a few things. Among them were a kilo of mercy, a kilo of love, peace, humility, patience, kindness, justice, forgiveness, and honesty, to mention but a few.

The girl decided to ask for some of these items and expected to receive them in large quantities. But, to her dismay, only a little bit was handed over to her. Thus, if we can have a little bit of the above, the world would be a better place for us. He urged us to always seek out for such qualities. These are the qualities that the Sacred Heart Sisters are offering us in the service of Education. Sacred Heart sisters thank you for molding and shaping the future generation. May God renew your strength, zeal, and courage as you serve the people of this land.

Indeed this school has groomed many women of integrity. The desert can flower under the gifts of rain, but Karamoja is flowering under the gifts of love and dedication from the Sacred Heart Sisters.

Happy Feast Day and blessings upon you sisters.


We Grow to Serve. We are empowered and modeled by the Religious of the Society of Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We pray that one day we also join you to continue the mission of Jesus Christ.

Asemo Philominah and Nagira Christine (S. 3 EAST)

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