October reminds us all catholic christians to intensely greet our Mother Mary and to renew our devotion to our lady of the Rosary

As religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we have a family inheritance that our Holy Mother St. Madeleine Sophie Barat left to us. The Society treasures dearly the three titles of Mary. The first one is the Immaculate Heart of Mary. St Madeleine Sophie made her first consecration in 1800 before this picture. This picture portrays too that Mary is so closely united to the Holy Trinity. This is the invitation from our Holy Mother to be united.  Mater Admirabilis- Mother Most Admirable who is a treasure of calm and serenity. She is the patroness of all Sacred Heart schools that are spread throughout the globe. The feast will be on 20 October. Our lady of sorrows-Addolorata. Our foundress confided the Society to Our Lady of sorrows to intercede for us always especially when the days are grey.

During this month of October, we intensely pray the rosary. Through the school of Mary, may we continue to experience the depths of His love and peace especially during these unprecedented times of the global pandemic. May Mother Mary Stand beside you, interceding for your every need.          

Betty Susan Nankya Nsanja

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