Reflection on Readings for the 3rd Sunday of Lent

Exodus 20:1-17 and John: 2:13-25

On this the third Sunday of Lent, the Lord God continues revealing to His followers who He is, “I am the Lord your God who liberated you from your slavery in Egypt”. The community, all of us, are given a road map for living daily in harmony, in right relationship with God, neighbor, self and nature. Jesus put the teaching of the Ten Commandments in a simple form: “to love God with all my heart and with my whole being and to love my neighbor as I love my self”.

Living this Lenten time guided by faith, hope and love, beginning where I am, surely and courageously, I move with Him to Calvary.

In today’s Gospel, (John 2:13-25) we are helped by Jesus, our brother, to see and learn how to put our lives in order. Each one of us is a Temple of God but at times, we lose sight of this fact and choose to go our own easy way. I fill my “temple” with concerns, worries, questions and even doubts, especially in this moment of COVID-19.  I have experienced all sorts of chaos inside my heart. I have had questions and doubts of what really is true, what is at play in our world. Seeing all this mess, Jesus comes to save us, to clean up His father’s house. This action of Jesus, gives me hope that He is “creating something new”.  It calls for a strong faith in Him and in His love that is ever there to save and to let grow. Jesus gets upset to see his brothers and sisters suffer today because of greed and of power of every kind, so He acts, as Son of God, driving out of the Temple those who were meant to guide others in the way of right relationships.                      

The Temple, a place that was meant to gather together God’s children, is made into an area of exploiting and cheating others. The worship of God is thrown aside and instead our personal material gains take precedence.  Yes, I have had such moments in my life when, for example, at the set time for being alone with Him is filled with “commerce”, of activities one kind or another. And He patiently, keeps sending me small gentle whispers to wake up and be rid of the clutter Thank You, Lord, for your promise to be with us at all times and in all situations when we call to You . Thank You for leading us out with another view, strengthening our little faith.

Jesus, as we journey to Calvary, keep us growing in faith hope and love. Amen.


Ursula Bugembe, RSCJ


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