Mater Admirabilis – An Experience of Her Loving Protection

On the Feast of Mater Admirabilis, we remember Mary as “Mother of the Invisible, the Invisible Presence”1, and as a “woman of faith who lives close to us…” 2 Mary walks with us and protect us. 

I would like to share how Mater has protected me3.  This happened several years ago.  It was the Feast of Mater Admirabilis. That day, in a special way, I wanted to be with her in all my encounters.  In the morning, I asked her how she would like to be with me. I sensed it was to take leisurely walks and experience her love, to be serene and gentle, as I met people along the way.  As the day progressed, I really felt Mary’s touch and warm companionship.

In the evening, as I began to wend my way home, I encountered a barrier. I felt I could not go through alone for by now no one was around. I stood still and recalled the phrase that I had prayed with throughout the day, “Mother of Invisible, in you I trust.”  After echoing this phrase, though I did not know what could happen next, there was peace within me. Then a lady opened her front door and singing stepped into the street. I called to her and asked, “May I walk with you?”  Her immediate response was, “Come, we walk together”. This was all I needed because, within an instance of a minute, I was out of danger.

Amazingly the barrier was moved;  it was a miracle.

The companionship of Mater that I experienced that day reminds me of how we are all called to be companions to one another. Helen McLaughlin rscj, for the Feast of Mater in 2020, expressed this as follows: “All of our relationships lived in love, honesty and humility are caught up in Mary’s total surrender to God’s will.

As we live each day, may Mary teach us to put into action our best impulses and be unafraid as we travel our journey with her. Happy Feast of Mater Admirabilis.

  1. Marie-Therese de Lescure rscj, Circular Letter, 16 July 1949
  2. Const. §9.
  3. To protect others, some details of the story have been changed.

Rose Gichangi, RSCJ


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