RSCJ live in diverse settings in Uganda and Kenya, and in diverse community and culture. We share our desire to discover and make known God’s love, with all our, neighbours and collaborators. 

Our main ministry is Education; teaching the child as a whole person. We focus on the learner’s potentials and drawing out the best from him/her so that she/he can be of value to the world.

Our education is beyond classroom, it focuses on nurturing the learner’s potentials and drawing out the best from the learners so that they can be of value to the society. 


The small honeybee is part of our spiritual lives: pointing to the spirituality of the bee   

In many children’s books the honey bee is most times painted with a good broad smile,  … Read more


Changing our Attitudes: Attitude is Everything!  

Changing our attitudes… this has a familiar ring to it. As a primary schoolteacher I planned my lessons and had one as objective, to change my pupils’ attitudes, for in our teachers’ college we were trained to pay attention to the cognitive,  … Read more

As educators, we are engaged in a variety of ministries such as; 

  • Education

  • Health

  • Spiritual direction

  • Social work

  • Pastoral work

 Education ministry; we are involved in teaching & formation; we run schools and work in universities, support vulnerable groups, and provide adult education to school drop outs and women.

Health ministrywe provide health care, Psychological and psychosocial services to the vulnerable members of the society.

Spiritual direction; we give retreats and spiritual accompaniment

Social work; we work and accompany the rejected members of the society

Pastoral work; we participate in catechetical, visiting the sick and the elderly, parish, and diocesan work.