The beginning of the new year is like starting a new journey. For we do not know exactly what will unfold on the journey. It is natural to develop mixed feelings like joy, excitement, fear, and anxiety. One can begin painting images of how the journey will be and what to expect. Our life is like a journey. We are pilgrims on a journey with lots of expectations. However, on this journey, we need to travel with care to reach our destination. As Christians our consolation is that we do not journey alone; we are accompanied by Mary, Mother of God.

Every New Year begins with the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. A Feast that is very appropriate to begin a new year and remind us to rely on the powerful intercession of our Heavenly Mother. Mary began her journey with trust and faith. She accepted the will of God and became the Mother of God and us all. Mary has a special role and mission given to her by God. We recognize her role in Jesus’ redemptive ministry and life’s journey. Mary teaches us, to surrender to God’s will in everything, accept the signs He gives us each day with humility, and be willing to be used for God’s purpose. She deeply kept and pondered everything in her heart, trusting that God is in total control. Let us ask a humble Mother to teach us how to be humble and let God be in control of our life.

As we begin this New Year, we acknowledge that we need Mary’s maternal patronage and powerful intercession on our life’s journey. The beginning of a new year gives us a new opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the Lord. We ponder on God’s goodness and kindness in our lives and the blessings we have received in the past year. Today’s first reading shows us that God is the source of blessings. Moses is instructed on the way to invoke God’s name upon the Israelites. And Moses asks Aaron to bless the people in the way stipulated by God. As pilgrims on the journey of faith, let us invoke God’s name each time, moment, and event and be a source of blessings to each other. May Mary accompany us to walk with confidence in this New Year which the Lord has granted us and be ready to be guided by the Lord on the new journey we are beginning with renewed hearts.


Susan Nankya RSCJ and Maria Gorreth Nabulya RSCJ