Lent:A Time For Conversion

Lent is a moment of conversion set apart to prepare us to celebrate the great season of Easter. It is a time of grace, not of sorrow and pain. It is a time of transformation, conversion, change, reform, and preparing us to leave the tomb to embrace the resurrection. It is a time of repentance compassion, reconciliation, and forgiveness. It is a moment when we are invited to change what is not working well in our spiritual life and hold on to Christ alone. Christ invites us to be united with him in body, mind, and soul through prayer, in order to spiritually grow and be transformed. Apart from prayer, we are also invited to solidarity with those who have less than we do. We can materially, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually be in solidarity with one another, sharing but also growing in love for God and neighbour.  

Let us begin the journey together and encounter one another in solidarity through our relations, interactions, prayers, and actions.

Maria Gorreth Nabulya RSCJ

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