Justice, Peace and Integrity of the Creation

“See I am doing something new.”

God is doing something new in all creatures. JPIC invites us to be Artisans of Hope in our Blessed and Broken World. Reflecting on our theme, ‘See I am doing something new,’ reminds each one of us to dig around in our past and fix things trusting that God to brings and wishes good at for each one of us. This calls us to believe that we are really a new creation who ought to trust Christ and allow ourselves to move to new and brighter things!

This reminds me how a new plant or a new shoot develops and blossoms when cared for. There is unseen care within and a process which is not seen through our efforts but done by our creator. Such a process we cannot understand it but only to believe and trust in our creator.

Our efforts and by our creator we cannot understand. You too can look at a tree or plant growing in the garden that you planted last year. The JPIC role in transformation , “Seeing the world through the perspective of God’s compassion, engaging in education and prayerful reflection, and acting from a deep place of love all these help us to see transformation as a value, a goal, and a way of life” (Artisan of Hope document pg. 7). Let us stick in the promising new as we advocate for structural change. May May we be open to strengthen relationships with God and with one another. Trusting that God is with us open to strengthened relationships with God and with one another trusting God is with us and having HOPE as we wait for new shoots to sprout of transformed life in our active participation for JPIC calls.