The Society of the Sacred Heart is an international community composed of people from various countries of the world and in all continents. We are invited to respect the diversity and uniqueness of each member of the congregation based on our countries and cultures and to realise the exchange of spiritual and human resources among ourselves.

Today, there are about 2200 members in 41 countries around the world, and the Mother House is in Rome. Our internationality is a gift and a responsibility for each one of us. We put it at service as we respond to the challenges of humanity and all creation. (Out of 2008 World Congress documents)

 In our Internationality, we are called to live without borders. This entails openness, mutual respect and acceptance of one another and our differences which helps us to understand those differences through dialogue.

This Internationality brings us Hope, unity (Cor unum), trust, acceptance, which gives us joy and strength to an appreciation of one another hence continuing Christ’s mission of revealing his love among ourselves and to the broken world.

The 2016 General Chapter invites us To be and to act as one Body. this is an invitation to interconnectedness, being united even though from different nationalities, cultures, and be correlated with other bodies, in the world, Church, and strengthen our solidarity.