A little voice that stays with us in our darkest times.

Hope is one of the most optimistic, potential, and powerful virtue that has the ability and influence to pull us through difficult times.  It is like a ray, a beam, a glimmer that penetrates deep into our lives to bring light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Hope is the most precious commodity that each one of us has to treasure.  We need it when things are not going well. It energizes us to have faith that things will get better or move into a better way. We have had hope that…, what we wish for, will happen or be achieved. Therefore, hope is a great motivation and should be the last thing to leave us.

We have all been hopeful that we will achieve our goals. However, we must be careful that this hope does not become a refuge from taking the necessary actions that will allow us to attain our goals. Hope cannot be a substitute for taking action. If we hope that things will get better and use hope as a justification for avoiding the effort that will contribute to achieving improvement, it will serve no purpose. We must hope, but not to take refuge in it. No one can thrive on hope alone without action.

In my experience, hope has been a source of motivation to engage in actions that have turned my goals into realities. In fact, action is what brings about the results I want to achieve. And taking action requires motivation, which is where hope can play its best role.

Have hope, put it into action, and you will achieve your goal. With hope, you will bring light where there is darkness in your life and others.

Be joyful in hope. At present, the world is paralysed by pessimism and sorrow. We must bring God’s hope to each other. Once I am hopeful, my neighbour will be hopeful!!!

Maria Gorreth Nabulya rscj


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