This year’s theme is Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world. I believe that no matter what road a woman’s life takes, whether mother, single or religious, she must give birth in some way either physically or spiritually. To be a woman is to bring to life and nurture life. To celebrate being a woman is to bring to life to the full. It means knowing the joys and sorrows of some kind. It is creating a world in which those entrusted to us can grow wholly.

 In whatever we do, we have to show up as leaders, who lead with a difference. We ought to join the struggle of ending oppression, suffering, inequality, uncertainty, helplessness, hopelessness and many others. As women of heart, in our leadership, we ought to imitate Christ as we bring forth, a ray of hope, light, joy, peace, love, equality and many wonderful values a woman of integrity should possess. The theme of this year, is inviting all of to immerse ourselves in the struggle of our people for equality, dignity, freedom and many challenges. Living in the new normal, we ought to create new visions, build new solidarities, which will lead us to achieving equality for all in a COVID-19 world.  The United Nations report shows that legal restrictions have kept 2.7 billion women from accessing the same choice of jobs as men. Many women and girls are marginalized and excluded. This is the very reason they should be given opportunities and leadership roles as the world prepares to recover from the COVID –19 pandemic.

As we celebrate women’s, may we experience the life giving spirit of God in our people’s struggle for peace, cry for life, equality and authentic leadership.  May the Spirit of God teach us and transform us into the women God wants us to be as leaders in our various capacities.




  1. Yes, Reddie, thank you for your reflection. It is a call to each one of us to realise the fact that their is a potential in each of us to bring to birth a new future of equality of women and men; full of degnity and respect. Ursula

  2. Thank you for this reflection. Yes, women are made, physically, to bear life. Above all, we are called to bear life, to enable life, to bring to birth in one way or another, life.


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