Reflection for the 4th Sunday of Lent 2023

Am I quick to judge based on outward appearance?

When I was reflecting on the readings of the fourth Sunday of Lent, I came across a question from the Gospel of the blind man that says:
Am I quick to judge based on the outward appearance, or do I seek to see people as God sees them?
The story I am going to share has helped me to see people as God sees them.
I joined Kyamusansala community eight months ago. In those eight months, I realised that each time the bell for lunch rang, the Primary one children of our Sacred Heart School walked so fast to the dining room. I thought that
being lunchtime children were hungry and needed to eat. One time I decided to go to the dining hall to see what was happening.

To my good surprise I found out that one of the eldest cooks called Deograsius Mujjuzi was lifting high the first three little girls to arrive at the serving place. The happy little faces and laughers and uuuuuuuu noise of Deo made other people and other children smile. This sight of the day made me to seek to see people as God sees them.
Later I asked Deo how this game of the first three to be lifted up came about.

He told me that when children came he would notice that they feel homesick and some lose appetite. When he does that one-minute game of holding them up like a father does to his daughter, everything becomes fine with the children. What a love Deo has for children! Love for those three girls can lift mountains for the remaining Seven Hundred and Ninety One in school! I thought.
I feel that this is the love God seeks to see in me, in us in our daily lives. It has reminded me of the words of a Lenten song Margaret O’Gorman RSCJ taught to students in Nkozi Teacher Training College. They are moving words:
 Love is His word. Love is His Way.
 Feasting with many. Fasting alone
 Living and dying, Rising again
 Love only Love is His Mark
 Richer than Gold is the love of my Lord
 Better than Splendour and Wealth.

May the Lord continue to be with us during this Fourth week of Lent and may the Spirit help us to lift up the hearts of those who would otherwise not find joy.


4 thoughts on “Reflection for the 4th Sunday of Lent 2023”

  1. 1. English Proverb says-” never judge a book by its cover” + One needs to take time to know a
    person’s behaviour before he/she speaks about the person’s way of life.
    This story is very good to me , it shows us that love is the only meaningful emotion that touches
    the human heart quickly and makes one happy with the other persons. Love can move mountains!

    2. Another saying is this, ” think before you lip” meaning , never judge a person when you do not
    know him or her/ or it means : do not speak about anything before you listen !
    >word: behaviour- noun ( English -English) Thanks Flo. By Rose Banura rscj


      My reflection bout the 4th Sunday of Lent is about being very happy with other people.
      It is a time to know that other’s needs ,to make the sick persons joyful and happy when they are sad, or they miss their friends.
      It’s time to love them; bring joy and peace to the lonely , especially the sick . Jesus gave sight to the blind man in the Gospel of ( John 5: 8- 14) who went away very happy. He also spread the good news that Jesus made him see and he believed in him.


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