Fourth Sunday of Advent 2022

The Peace and Harmony the World Awaits

What does the fourth Week of Advent represent? It represents the “Angel of Peace” (Luke, 2: 14), the peace the world awaits. My sisters, look around, hear the voices thirsting for peace, the peace promised from ages past and now He is come! This is a peace Sunday, brought about by the birth of a child from highest heaven, born of the Virgin Mary.

Amidst all the chaos in the world, the atrocities, wars, endless conflicts, the God of our lives renews us in faith, hope and trust that a new world is possible, a world of peace and harmony.  The Gospel of this Sunday reminds us that with God nothing is impossible. God calls you and me, as he did our ancestors in the faith, the prophets, Mary and Joseph, to collaborate with Him to bring about His world of peace, justice, and love.

One might ask, what have I to do in this project of God? You and I, have only to look at our two principal actors, Mary and Joseph, their beautiful plan was short lived. Their faith in the promise made long ago to the human race stood them in good stead. Here, I pray to our God in this our challenging world to increase our faith in Him. It is with such faith that Mother Mary and Joseph putting aside their well-planned future in order to respond to God’s project. Am I willing to let go of my plans today and accept to respond to God’s invitation to work for peace, justice, reconciliation, etc. or am I too numbed by what is happening and miss the opportunity to answer God’s request to participate in His plan of salvation for our world today?

Praying and meditating on these reading of the Fourth Sunday of Advent, I am convinced that, each one’s contribution, in God’s plan of salvation, is greatly needed. I believe it is those small pieces that are lacking, or that I refuse to let go that block the change, the pardon, the new way of seeing the other, of being with and trusting, so as to rejoice in the goodness of the other and accept to collaborate instead of fighting.

The celebration of Christmas each year gives us all a chance to wake up from our comfort zone and look out for the needs around, to hear God’s call to on to bring our contribution no matter how big or small.

Jesus, Son of God ,our brother, teach us your humility, your love of your Father’s will, strengthen our faith and belief in your presence with us showing us the way to take in order to bring about a world where justice, love, peace and harmony a can reign.  Amen.  

Reflection by: Ursula Bugembe, rscj



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