Fourth Sunday of Advent

The Angel Candle” is lit on the fourth Sunday of Advent to symbolize peace. This name originates from the annunciation of the birth of Jesus coming to bring peace to our hearts and to our world”.

Isaiah 5:4 “He shall be Peace

There is something deep that these two women share. Mary comes with haste to visit Elizabeth. Elizabeth opens her hands to receive Mary. This gesture makes me stop and ask how do I receive or welcome those who knock at my door. And, what news do I take to those I encounter? Mary brought good news, joy, and peace to Elizabeth.  John the Baptist leaps with joy on hearing Mary’s voice. Mary carries Jesus in her womb to come and bring the word of God to her cousin Elizabeth. It’s an invitation that we too take Christ Jesus to bring peace, joy, and love to others especially those who are poor, marginalized, and neglected during this Christmas season.

Sometimes we concentrate much on non-essentials and forget about Jesus who comes in a new way to be born in our hearts. During this season let us move with Jesus in our hearts revealing him to our brothers and sisters who have lost hope in life. To let them know that Christ has come to wipe their tears.

“God’s mercy and faithfulness shine forth in a world wounded by sin —-”.Const # 2. The first reading gives assurance to the Israelites that God is faithful to his promise. This calls us to trust in him. From a poor village of Bethlehem, he promises to give them a messiah. From this unimportant village, God brings out an important person. Therefore, it doesn’t matter who you are. God treasures you. Let us remain positive and not lose hope in doing good. Let our actions and words be geared toward bringing a smile to those around us.

As we celebrate this irreplaceable gift of Jesus offered to us by the father during Christmas, may our lives be gifts to the world as God has given himself as a gift to us.

May we leap for joy as Christ enters our communities, nations, and the world, as John leaped for joy on hearing Mary’s voice greeting Elizabeth.

Amanda Idleman.


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