First Sunday of Advent 2022

Wake up!  The Lord’s unending day is dawning.

Wake up!  The Lord’s unending day is dawning.  Stand ready.  Every day He comes.  May we always welcome Him eagerly in the events and encounters of each day.  We know He is present in every person we meet, but also in the song and dance of trees as they sway and rustle in the wind saying, “God, you created us and we thank you !”  The song of the birds, the colours of dawn, the moving clouds, all that is praises and thanks Him.

But this Advent of 2022 reminds us more than ever before that our life on Earth is precarious.  We can never be ready in heart for all the risks we face from Climate Change, Covid 19. Ebola, shortage of water and food and cruel war-mongers with, it seems, infinite power to destroy all that life depends on.

So let us go up to the Temple of Jerusalem so that God may teach us His ways and we may walk in them.  Let us hammer our swords into ploughs and our spears into sickles.  Let there be no more training for war.  May nations not lift up swords or deadly weapons against another nation.  O House of Jacob, come, let us walk instead in the light of Christ.

We know the time has come.  We must wake up!  The night is almost over and daylight is coming.  We must give up all we liked to do under the cover of darkness and live decently so that we can appear in the light.  No more wrangling or indecency.  Let our armour now be the Lord Jesus Christ.  We must be ready, always, because Christ may come when we do not expect Him and then we will be ashamed of our dark laziness.

Besides the glorious revelations of God, each day brings, if we have eyes of faith to see them, each day we have the treasure of the Eucharistic Celebration, culminating in the reception of Communion to guide us in our way on earth, steadfast in Faith, joyful in Hope and untiring in Love.  Every day, in the Bread, Christ comes to prepare our hearts for his unending day, when our minds and wills and hearts and very being will be transformed into His, and everything we do will proclaim Him.

 Margie Conroy, RSCJ

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  1. Very touching and down to earth, thank you very much dear Margie. Best wishes for a graced season of Advent, Union of prayer, Ursula, rscj.


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