Christ is calling us to New Life

During the holidays, a group of eight (8) Aspirants attached to different communities had a workshop together in Jinja. We cannot stop marveling at the warm welcome we received from the sisters from the three communities at Mbikko (Novitiate community, Stuart – postulant community, and Sophie Barat Community – a community of the elderly sisters) “We received new life”.

The input we received about the history of the Society and the History of Uganda-Kenya Province put us on fire. We were captured by their way of praying and living together in community with deep and positive values of being present to God. We were drawn by their way of relating with one another. Their way of connecting with God in prayer was so touching. They think of all those who are suffering in different ways; those in war zone areas, the sick, the vulnerable, parents, children, and many challenges of today’s society.

Ruth Sanyu Namuyomba


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