Reflection for the 2nd Sunday of Lent 2023

THE TRANSFIGURATION On a mountain in today’s reading, a voice affirms that Jesus is God’s Son in words reminiscent of the voice at Jesus’ baptism.  The Transfiguration provides further evidence that Jesus was the divine Son of God. The Transfiguration is a pivotal moment, and the setting on the mountain is presented as the point where … Read more


The 2023 Lenten Season is a season like other Catholic Church Faith-based seasons; however, for the RSCJ Sunflower group, this very Lenten season is special!  It is special because as a group we chose to present important spiritual Lenten reflection series to the province. The theme for this reflection is “Ash Wednesday.”  Ash Wednesday marks … Read more

Happy women’s day.

GENDER EQUALITY FOR TODAY FOR A SUITABLE TOMORROW THE ROLE OF A WOMAN:   IF IT WASN’T A WOMAN, THEN WHAT? Woman! Woman! Woman! What a sweet tittle! What an attractive name! What a Noble Character “Prob. 31:10”             You are such a beauty that every one wishes to be in your company You are … Read more

The Word was made flesh

We entered the season of Advent on November 28, and our thoughts turn a little from fearful thoughts for climate change with its floods and fires and volcanic eruptions, its heat waves and droughts, and all the suffering and death they entail, especially, but not only for the poor who have to live in dangerous … Read more

Fourth Sunday of Advent

”The Angel Candle” is lit on the fourth Sunday of Advent to symbolize peace. This name originates from the annunciation of the birth of Jesus coming to bring peace to our hearts and to our world”. Isaiah 5:4 “He shall be Peace” There is something deep that these two women share. Mary comes with haste … Read more

Third Sunday of Advent

The crowds asked John the Baptist, “What should we do?” Luke 3:10-18: Then what shall we do? is the question to ask ourselves on this Sunday as we come towards the end of this season. The focus could be on an individual and the bigger society like community, an organization, a family, country, and the whole world. … Read more