Special Chapter 2021

Our oneness as a Society will make us all harvest the best. The life of St. Madeline Sophie is the foundation stone of our firmness to be active and produce much fruit during all the seasons of our lives, both personally and as the little Society. Sophie once said, “The Spirit comes to Create and … Read more


To us, a Son is born. Jesus was born in a stable and he was embraced by the love from Mary and Joseph. God invites us to share in the love that His Son received and share in the great joy of the birth of His Son. We are in a trying situation, and this … Read more

The Sacred Heart

Our spirituality is centered on the Heart of Jesus. A heart is the center of a human being, the place where feelings, thoughts, deep desires, and decisions reside. The Heart of Jesus speaks to us of what Jesus is, what he felt, thought, desired, and the choices he made. The image of the Sacred Heart, … Read more