The members of the Provincial Council

  Noellina Namusisi      Provincial Council Member;      Lives in Karamoja,        Works at Kangole Girls Secondary School as – Headteacher Anamaria Nankusu Provincial Superior;Lives in Mbuya Provincial House Lucy Toror Provincial Council Member; Lives in Nairobi, Works at Line Saba Primary school Kibera – Headteacher Ribinibella Musisina Provincial Council Member: Lives in Kakamega, Works at Chekalini … Read more

Changing our Attitudes: Attitude is Everything

Changing our attitudes… this has a familiar ring to it. As a primary schoolteacher I planned my lessons and had one as objective, to change my pupils’ attitudes, for in our teachers’ college we were trained to pay attention to the cognitive, psycho-motor, and attitudinal domains of our pupils’ lives, as we tendered our young … Read more

An Awarde for St. Charles Health Centre, Chekalini!

St. Charles Lwanga Health Centre is a health facility based in Kenya, Kakamega County, Cheklalini Ward, run by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The Health Centre’s is; providing holistic, quality, accessible, acceptable and affordable health services to those whom we serve. This we do through paying special attention to the needy, marginalized … Read more


It was on the African calender That a new leader was marked by name He, a special breed most sought after His own kind, whose heart heaved for his people He dreamed of paradises, and the lifting of his poor By the foot of the kirimanjaro, a star rose up on high   Pombe, for … Read more