On 6th September 2022, just after arriving at Mbikko Stuart community, the five of us; Juliah Gathoni Kagwi, Gloria Fortunate Ajwang, Maria Leaticia Najjuma, Vivian Balibawa, and Ruth Namuyomba were cordially welcomed and received by sisters in Mbikko novitiate chapel. It was a memorable moment that ushered us into our beginning to know more about the Society of the religious of the Sacred Heart. It was a good experience and life-giving. The reception we received gave us joy and encouragement to continue our formation. The sisters in the community are loving and caring. Through their interaction with us, we can sense and feel the love of the heart of Jesus.

As days are unfolding, we are learning more about the Society, our mother St. Madeline Sophie, prayer, and community life. The desire to witness the spirit of oneness is reflected in our deep yearning to build our one body. By living in community, each member is focusing on what is good for the community and working for the well-being of the one body. Through daily personal prayers, Eucharistic celebration, spiritual reading, adoration, and accompaniment, we are gradually growing in communion with the Lord and with each other. This is of great benefit to our growth and our relationship with the creator. We are so glad to have supporting sisters who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with us.


I am happy for all the graces the Lord gives us each day as we continue with our discernment journey.


By Juliah Kagwi



  1. Thank you for this sharing on the beginning of your postulancy. I look forward to meeting you all when I arrive back in Uganda at the beginning of November.
    With love and prayer and prayer right now for your retreat
    Jo, rscj

  2. Thank you Juliah for sharing your experience as you begin this journey of your formation on behalf of others. May the Lord who has called you by name continue to lead you to His pierced Heart. Be assured of my prayers and support on this journey of faith. God bless your new community
    Phina rscj

  3. Thanks Juliah for your sharing. May you continue to hold on to Him and keep your gaze on Him who knit you in your mother’s womb all the days of your life. Let his love be known and his name be praised now and forever more.


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