A Christmas tree of “invincibility” has been installed on St. Sophia Square in the Ukrainian capital ok Kyiv. The tree is 12 meters high and “decorated with generator powered energy-saving lights” A charging point installed near the generator is there for people to charge their phones and once Christmas passes, the company that provided the … Read more

Fourth Sunday of Advent 2022

The Peace and Harmony the World Awaits What does the fourth Week of Advent represent? It represents the “Angel of Peace” (Luke, 2: 14), the peace the world awaits. My sisters, look around, hear the voices thirsting for peace, the peace promised from ages past and now He is come! This is a peace Sunday, … Read more

Third Sunday of Advent 2022

Announcing the Dawn This is a joyful Sunday in the middle of our sober Advent. In our Christian vocation there is a call to encourage one another, to empower one another with the courage of our convictions. Such courage cannot be called forth by words alone. Only lives give weight to our words.  Our encouragement will be as … Read more

Second Sunday of Advent 2022

Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths.  Mt. 3:1 The readings for today’s liturgy open with a hope, a promise – the day, Isaiah speaks of for a leader who will judge the “poor with right justice and decide aright for the land-afflicted”, where all can share equitably the goods of creation, … Read more

First Sunday of Advent 2022

Wake up!  The Lord’s unending day is dawning. Wake up!  The Lord’s unending day is dawning.  Stand ready.  Every day He comes.  May we always welcome Him eagerly in the events and encounters of each day.  We know He is present in every person we meet, but also in the song and dance of trees … Read more


The image of Mater Admilabilis depicts a mother who is so inspiring by just having a glance at the image. We always find ourselves attracted to look at her from time to time. What a mother so serene, calm, and gracious!!! She is indeed teaching us to create space in our hearts, ponder God’s message … Read more


On 6th September 2022, just after arriving at Mbikko Stuart community, the five of us; Juliah Gathoni Kagwi, Gloria Fortunate Ajwang, Maria Leaticia Najjuma, Vivian Balibawa, and Ruth Namuyomba were cordially welcomed and received by sisters in Mbikko novitiate chapel. It was a memorable moment that ushered us into our beginning to know more about … Read more