The 2023 Lenten Season is a season like other Catholic Church Faith-based seasons; however, for the RSCJ Sunflower group, this very Lenten season is special!  It is special because as a group we chose to present important spiritual Lenten reflection series to the province. The theme for this reflection is “Ash Wednesday.” 

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season and it is a time when the Church invites us to look deep within and see areas that need renewal.  On this day, the cross of ashes is marked on our forehead to remind us about mortality. The mortality issue is resounded to us on this day in the words “Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.” These words are historical because they are the very words God told Adam when he disobeyed.  As a father, God asked Adam to remember where he came from, “you are made of dust…” and where he was heading to due to his sinfulness!   As descendants of Adam, we too in this season are to remember our sinfulness and to prepare ourselves for a change.  Change does not just happen; there must be some efforts, reinforcements, influence, spokespersons, etc.  With some gifts of the Holy Spirit, piety, and fear of the Lord, we will be helped to resume some goodness and the love of God.

Traditionally the church puts three pillars as means to help us reach redemption. These are prayer, fasting, and charity.  Through them, God will listen to our specific needs, renew our faith, and help us manifest his love through our neighbors. 

Pope Francis, however, in his book Rejoice poses questions to lead us to the depth of what Ash Wednesday opens us up to! He asks, “Are you aware of the situation of your soul?  Or have you nodded off?  Do you believe God is waiting for you or does this truth consist only “words.” pg 32. 

May we embrace Ash Wednesday and open ourselves to receive the ashes that remind us of the words of God to our ancestor Adam, “you are dust and to dust, you shall return.” 

Have a blessed Ash Wednesday. 

Hilda Bamwine, RSCJ

7 thoughts on “ASH WEDNESDAY”

  1. Hilda, this is a beautiful reflection indeed! it has reminded me the song that I love most during the Lenten season… “come back to me with all your hearts..”
    Be blessed sister.

  2. Thank you Hilda for sharing your reflection this important period which the Lord gives us to return to Him with all our hearts. Be blessed and wish you all a fruitful Lenten season

  3. Thank you Hilda for ushering us into this important period with such an enriching reflection. Have a fruitful Lenten season.

  4. Thanks Hilda for your reflection on Ash Wednesday. May the three pillars of the season guide each one of us introspecting our hearts


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