This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased, listen to Him. (Mk 9:7)

We all have mountain top experiences in the course of our lives, even when we feel rich connections with life and our place with it. Despite being an experience with nature, a walk along a mountain, or a moment of intimacy with the one you love, such experiences have deeply inspired of who we are and whose we are, children of our loving God, all of us together as brothers and sisters.

This week’s Gospel story is of the same experience on the mountain, at the transfiguration, where Jesus’ disciples had to see His glory as Messiah and Lord. They wanted to remain there, with no room for darkness, doubt, or despair, but Jesus takes them down the mountain ahead of betrayal, torture, and brutal execution.

The vision the disciples had on the mountain top came true for them especially during the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. They are invited by the voice of the Father to listen to His Son, and also does to us today. They listen with their whole selves, forgiven and transformed, many of them went out to give their lives out of love for the Lord.

Our Lenten journey calls us to treasure our mountain top experiences as gifts of our loving God meant to help sustain us on the journey ahead, rather than to remain there, to pitch our tents and settle in. We let these experiences draw us to our lives and those with whom we are called to share. The vision is given to help and nourish us for our life, mission, both In our personal relationships and our ministry.

As Pope Francis says: ‘Encounter with God in prayer inspires us to descend the mountain and return to the plain where we meet many brothers and sisters weighed down in fatigue, sickness, ignorance, injustice, poverty both material and spiritual.’  It is a call to us to descend to the plains and meet those entrusted to us and those in need of us. Along the way may we grow hearts of flesh and by God’s grace, to listen, feel and respond with His compassion.

If we listen to God in these moments of encounter, our hearts will be broken and mended again and again and in that brokenness, will flow love that will change our lives and the lives of those we serve.


Perhaps, some questions can help us pause and reflect more on this:

  1. What mountain top experience I have had that continues to sustain my life and mission?’
  2. What simple discipline can help me listen more deeply to God and others?
  3. Is there any justice issue in my community I feel called to try and change?


  1. Thank dear Irene for your reflection on this Second Sunday of Lent, “The Transfiguration of Jesus”. Yes, moments like these have had an impact in my life as an rscj in various situations that have affirmed at various stages of my life. An Intense moment of feeling almost and with no one to talk to, but out of the “Blue”, a friend writes to say she is visiting but briefly! It was like I had an apparition, to hear of a visit from this friend who knew me inside out! I qickly made an appoint ment to meet her; she prposed a place. It was Gaba lake it wa a lake not a montain but it had a similar experience of the apostles; My problem unveiled and led me to a level of meeting the Risen Lord who led me to a capacity to “Forgive” and allow selve to accept forgiveness, where I had lost all hope ad possibility for this to take place.
    I thank God for these moments in our lif of faith and thanks to those who have walked the journy with us to hte “mountains”. Ursula, rscj;


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